How to Join MBW

Attendance Policy:

  • Attend all mass meetings

  • One per month (4 max per semester)

  • Before each mass meeting we will send out an excuse form for you to fill out if you cannot attend

  • Attend a minimum of 3 other events throughout the semester

  • Any event on the google calendar

  • Attend Women Who Win in the spring


  • Dues are one-time and ensure lifelong membership

  • Freshman:      $35

  • Sophomore:    $30

  • Junior:           $25

  • Senior:          $20

  • Dues paid through Venmo: @MBWBBA

  • In your Venmo memo, please write your name, year, and unique name

  • Please reach out to us if you need a dues waiver. If you don’t have venmo, and need to pay in cash, let us know, and we can work that out.