Community Outreach


Community Outreach aims to broaden MBW's presence and relationships within the University of Michigan community and beyond. We partner with the Society of Women in Engineering and MBA Michigan Business Women to co-host social events that allow MBW members to form meaningful relationships beyond the BBA program. In addition to these networking opportunities, Community Outreach seeks avenues for MBW members to make a difference in the Ann Arbor community. Past volunteer initiatives have included Detroit Partnership Day and visiting local high schools in Southeastern Michigan to inspire the next generation of women in business.


For the upcoming semester, MBW is actively planning opportunities to connect and support the local small business community that has been particularly impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. There is ample opportunity for all members to engage with these Community Outreach efforts, including serving as a Community Outreach Liaison to help plan events. Applications for this position will be posted in September 2020.